custom kitchenTwo of the questions you're certain to asked about your Costa Rica home is: "What types of appliances and furniture are available in Costa Rica? And, "How available are they?"
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The answer is simple: Basically, everything available in the US, Canada and Europe is also available here in outlets both close to the ocean view property locale itself, or in San José.

You select the appliances and fixtures; shipping can be arranged right to your door. Most major brands and models - baths, showers, jacuzzis, upscale kitchen appliances, stoves, lighting fixtures, etc. - are available locally, and they will include warrantees and service. If you can't get what you want here, we can direct you to experienced professionals who will help you with importing, customs procedures and shipping from abroad.

wood rockersWhile many different brands and styles of furniture are available, if you truly want a unique Costa Rican home, customlamps furniture is the way to go. We can help you find quality custom and uniquely designed beds, dressers, entertainment units, chairs, couches and desks, cabinets, kitchens, doors and windows made by a host of talented interior decorators and skilled professional carpenters and cabinet makers who either live near Lomas Coronado or reside in and around San José.

Local wood that is twice as dense as North American oak is used, and the designs and woodworking techniques are indigenous to Costa Rica.

Once you have decided to build, you are certain to have many questions about interior design and decoration. Constant communication between architects, builders, interior decorators and furniture makers will guarantee your perfect ocean view residence or retirement home.