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Costa Rica is a relatively peaceful country. In the southern area where these lovely ocean and mountain-view view properties are located, there is very little crime. Even so, we understand that Lomas Coronado property owners will be concerned about overall peace of mind and security.

homeThe project employees now working full-time on the roads, well and maintenance at Lomas Coronado are required to keep a watchful eye out for any unauthorized, uncommon or suspicious activities in the area. If anyone who doesn't belong were to set foot and remain on the property, the developers and local authorities will be notified very quickly.

Many people are worried about squatters. This issue has been blown up tremendously, often with malicious intent. Although squatters may have been a problem years ago, they no longer are, especially in the viciinity of Lomas Coronado, where family ties are very tight, and squatters were never an issue. Most of the labor is local, with firm roots and long-standing homes in the area.

Even by some miracle, if a modern-day squatter did try to move in (they would be spotted within 12 hours!), each of the 29 individual lots is duly registered under an individual corporation and has legal owners. So under Costa Rica's trespassing laws, potential squatters would be removed immediately from the Lomas Coronado development by the employees and the local police, who are very sensitive about suspicious activities.

Illegal activities demanding police or court action are extremely rare. But in Costa Rica, as everywhere else, follow the general rule: vigilance is best.