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Spend a very enjoyable day or two at Lomas Coronado. You'll be blown away by the location and amazing, exotic beauty of these incredible ocean view and mountain-view properties.

ocean view

We will help you to arrange your visit to Costa Rica and your local flight or land transfer to the area. Unlike most of the boiler-room operations here, we do NOT ask you to put up any money with someone you don't know before we will show you the development. However, please coordinate your travel arrangements with us to Lomas Coronado from San José or anywhere else. This is to ensure that you arrive as planned. We are extremely particular on this point, as one of our reps usually has to come down from San José to meet you.

You will get the chance to see this unique Costa Rica real estate development and all the available lots (and those sold as well!). Drive and walk around the project and if there is time, we'll take you to see a bit of the surrounding area.

We want your stay to be as hassle-free as possible. We want you to get the most out of your time. There's a lot to see, and after going through all the trouble to get there, if you arrive late – or don't show up at all because you got lost on the way or as a result of some other circumstance – it would be really unfortunate.

To visit Lomas Coronado, choose one of our travel options so that everything runs smoothly: either 1) regular commercial flight to Palmar Sur from San José (two/three flightsdaily, departing in the morning). We'll be there to meet you; 2) private minivan transfer; 3) at a convenient nearby location, meet one of our representatives who will then drive in with you. Or we can drive you there from virtually any place in the country.

mountain view

Once your visit is over, the choice is yours: regular commercial flight back to San José; charter flight or private transportation to San José or anywhere else; drive to your next destination; or we can drive you or have you driven to Dominical, San Isidro de El General, Quepos/Manuel Antonio or back to San José. We'll work with you to make your travel as easy and convenient as possible.

This trip is for the serious buyer/investor only. Visit these fabulous ocean view and mountain view properties at Lomas Coronado and see for yourself. You do not have to put up any money in advance. But we usually ask for a 10% deposit once you've seen a lot in this prime piece of Costa Rica real estate and want to reserve it.

We also have many more properties for sale in Costa Rica in other areas of the country that you can look at. Also, you might think seriously of doing some Costa Rica fishing.

Please call us now at our toll-free numbers below so that we can begin to arrange and coordinate your trip to these Costa Rican ocean view properties. Or fill out the Visit Application Form and submit it to us. Once you are committed and make arrangements with us to visit, please follow through.

If you would like to combine a visit to Lomas Coronado with a longer vacation in Costa Rica, we will be more than pleased to help you design the entire trip.